gnosly is a new method to improve your english skills and a new way to read books. With Gnosly you are able to choose from a library a english book to read with these helpful features:

  1. word context translation
  2. phase translation made by a professional human translator
  3. story told by a mother tongue professor
  4. statistics on your skill improvement
  5. professor monitoring: there is a section where the professor can monitor his students improvements and dedication

The technologies used are:

  • Responsive design, MVP pattern with Place&Activity
  • Google Web Toolkit (GWT), JSP, Servllet, XSLT, Java
  • Google App Engine (GAE), JDO, Java
  • SEO Optimization
  • Blender
  • Google Adwords and Google Adwords for video

On Sep 2011 I took part of "StartCup Milano", a new idea contest. For that I wrote the business plan. From Jun 2013 to Nov 2013 I worked full time on this project. During this time I've contacted more than 30 schools in Como to present the idea. 

2013, November, 30
Fabrizio Giovannetti