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2015, November, 23


The web site rifiutiabbandonati.com let you complain the trash abandoned on the street in order to notice the public administration and sensitize other people sharing it. The technologies used are: AngularJs, Grunt, HTML5/CSS3 Jersey rest service over Glassfish 4  Mongodb GIT, MAVEN  

2013, November, 30


gnosly is a new method to improve your english skills and a new way to read books. With Gnosly you are able to choose from a library a english book to read with these helpful features: word context translation phase translation made by a professional human translator story told by a mother tongue professor statistics on your skill improvement professor monitoring: there is a section where the professor can monitor his students improvements and dedication The technologies used are

2013, November, 30


LvAuthor is a platform used for text analysis. It creates the xml files used by gnosly.com and English Listening Game. The main tasks and algorithms are the following: text cleaning: UTF-8 conversion, special chars removing paragraph splitting period splitting phrase analysis: phrase slitting, phrase type determination (incisive, direct, indirect, etc) word splitting Part of speech (POS) assignment of word. Automatic disambiguation with human supervision audio matching: words of

2013, June, 23

Fluent sequence diagram

Fluent Sequence Diagram aims to create sequence diagrams programmatically, using a programming language like Scala or Java or a customized language. So you could save the created sequence as SVG image or fixed-width text. The main features are: Write sequence diagram declaratively Sharing and collaborating in real time download sequence diagram as SVG or PNG download sequence diagram as fixed-text width  

Fabrizio Giovannetti